Our Tesla Fleet

Commitment to environmental Change

Our Tesla Fleet

There has been an increasing number of people who owns a car today as compared to before. Now, what does this mean? This only means that the car emissions are increasing as well and so, the air that we breathe becomes more polluted.

So, how can we solve this issue? As a passenger, you need to do your job to reduce the pollution and one way for you to do that is through our zero Emission Fleet of Tesla models S.

How can this limousine service can solve the problem?

Well, Viplimo has the biggest fleet of Tesla Model s and X in the country. The main goal of the company is not only to provide a professional and luxurious limousine service but also an environmentally sustainable one as well. How? By adopting electric cars and using them in rendering the limousine service being offered in the city. Through its use, the city would become more efficient and at the same time, cleaner. Hence, if the number of people using companies who uses electric cars continues to increase, then the people would have cleaner air to breathe and a safer place to live.

Stylish accommodation

Who wouldn’t want to ride a stylish car at least once in their life? With a limousine service, you can experience being rich or being a millionaire even for just a day. After all, limousines comes with luxury seats, an entertainment system and even a mini bar. You don’t even need to try to fit yourself in the seat for it has an expanded seating. So, you can watch some videos and make your transport to your destination more memorable.

Hassle free transport

Are you afraid of getting lost if you drive your own car for you are not that familiar of the city? If such thing worries you a lot, then you can just hire a chauffeur service. The driver would take care of everything and of course, ensure that you would be able to arrive to your destination safely and with great comfort. They would be the one to fill in the gasoline, look for a space to park the car and others. You can even make some special requests and ask them to drive you to places that you haven’t been before.

Are you looking for a Luxury car service? Then, Viplimo Car Service is what you are looking for. The company has a wide range of limousine options that you can choose from. You can hire them for your own wedding or when you have a special occasion that you need to attend. Why drive an old car if you can amaze your friends and relatives by riding a luxury car? Why drive if you can simply hire someone who can drive you for a day? Instead of stressing yourself out, just avail a car service and make your transport as smooth and stress free as it can be. For sure, regrets will never cross your mind.


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